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What are Huaraches? 

The word huarache comes from"Tarascan language spoken by the Purépecha people of Jalisco" (Muzquiz 2018) and translates to sandal. Its history dates back to pre-colonial eras among early Mexican and Central American civilizations (Muzquiz 2018). Initial versions of this shoe were simple (Muzquiz 2018). Later versions around the 1930's involved leather straps that were weaved into soles made out of a tire (Eldebate Noticias 2015 and Muzquiz 2018). These shoes are now made of skin, leather, and jean fabric with the same intention of the past of providing a breathable and durable design appropriate for the hot weather (NuestraVisión Noticias 2014). 

    This shoe was worn typically by farm workers in rural areas and indigenous groups (Muzquiz 2018). Today, this more intricately woven shoe has become more popular as new designs are evolving and, appreciation for artisans is being promoted more in the country. Furthermore, some field workers use these shoes today but, this is often more prevalent among older generations. More colorful variants of this shoe are also frequently bought by tourists visiting states where this artisan job is.